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Tender Chicken Bites

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Delicious Jerky, All Natural, Gluten-Free Protein Meat Snack with No MSG or Nitrates.

Seasoned with black pepper and rosemary, our original chicken bites are 100% tender, delicious, and full of positivity. - Our tender chicken bites are flavorful, all-natural, and convenient. Each pouch is perfect for the busy professional or the mom who does it all! - Each bite of our chicken jerky is slow-roasted to create a unique savory and smoky flavor. They’re perfectly packaged for devouring anywhere your day takes you—and unlike a lot of jerkies, they’re tender and easy to eat. Each serving of our meat jerky is packed with 10g of protein, giving you the energy to take on your day. Our natural protein snacks have 40% less sugar than granola bars and 65% less fat than potato chips.