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Wild Boar Ragu

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Have you ever experienced the sensation of being immersed in a memory just by smelling a particular scent? Here, it happens to us every time we enter the kitchen and Mom is cooking the Wild Boar Ragout.

Suddenly, we begin to dream and we find ourselves catapulted into Grandma's house, in her kitchen. And she is there, with her floral dress, busy cooking, with an eye always attentive on her old recipe notebook, stained with oil and tomato. Now, you will have already understood: our Wild Boar Ragù still follows the special recipe of our Grandmother. For us this is pure emotion, and we want to share it with you. Don't you also think of a dish that, like your grandmother used to do, nobody does?

SIZE: 290gr

INGREDIENTS: Wild boar meat (34%) Tomato puree Onions EVO oil Red wine Tomato paste Salt Dark chocolate