August 2022: National Pinot Noir Day

August 2022: National Pinot Noir Day

National Pinot Noir Day is August 18th - this box is in dedication to the wine that brought many of us onto the dry, red side due to its lower tannins, light body, and delicious fruit flavors.

The dry wine includes hints of cherry and raspberry, as well as earthy flavors and notes of floral. It’s one of the world’s favorite red wines, too. Pinot Noir grown and produced in Burgundy, France bears the name of the region - "Red Burgundy." France also produces more Pinot Noir than any other country. However, today the grape is grown all over the world. 

Since Pinot Noir’s high acidity along with the lower tannins, it complements food nicely. Wineries around the world produce pinot noir using red wine grapes and primarily the Pinot Noir varietal.

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