Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a "Pour Pairings Box?"

The Short Answer: A fun way to learn about wine while tasting some uniquely paired snacks and getting some cool wine related gadgets and tools - it makes wine pairing fun and easily accessible.
The Long(er) Answer: "Pour Pairings" is a subscription box curated for the wine curious, wine lovers, and wine enthusiasts. Our mission is to bring a little fun to wine education and food pairing experimentation by combining unique foods, the latest wine related gadgets and tools, and other wine adjacent items right to your doorstep. The items in each box will compliment the "wine of the month" which could be a simple grape varietal or a style of wine from a particular region.

2. What can I expect in each box?

You can expect to receive a combination of 5 to 7 snacks, tools, gadgets, and/or books that "pair" with the wine of the month.

3. Why is wine not included?

Wine is not (currently) included for a couple of reasons:

A. We do not have the necessary permits and licenses needed to ship alcohol across the country. It is something we are looking into for the future but also, not all states allow the shipment of alcohol to residences, and we don't want anyone feeling left out.

B. Most importantly, because all of our palates are different and not all wines of the same name taste the same, the bottles we like may not be your cup of tea.
Part of the fun with these boxes is that you get to go out and explore your local wine shops (we encourage you to shop small) to find a bottle of the "wine of the month" that will fit your palate and the pairing perfectly! Or you can choose a couple bottles from different regions or producers and have your own mini wine tasting to see which ones pair the best with the snacks we've sent. Let us help you expand your palate, make some friends at your local wine shops, try some new snacks, and maybe find a new favorite bottle!

4. What if I have dietary restrictions?

While most boxes will be vegetarian friendly, there are some that will contain meat, dairy, nuts, etc. Unfortunately, since we are small company just starting out, we cannot make boxes to fit everyone's individual diets, but it is something we are keeping in mind for the future.