January 2022: A Zest for Wine

January 2022: A Zest for Wine

Zesty is a word typically used to describe wines that have lively flavor characteristics, noticeable acidity and citrus notes. This is the perfect word for this month's wine - Albariño.

This wine is a favorite of our guest curator for the month - Ms. Chasity Cooper. Chasity is an award-winning journalist who writes about all things wine and culture for Wine Enthusiast, 5280 Magazine, Food & Wine Magazine, Imbibe Magazine, Essence, Chicago Magazine, and a host of other publications. She is WSET Level 3 certified and just an all around AMAZING person. 

Her notes on Albariño: "If you like Pinot Grigio, then you’ll totally enjoy a glass of Albariño. Hailing from northwest Spain, Albariño is the white wine of Spain. While often compared to its Italian cousin, this dry, medium-bodied, high acidic wine is crisp, refreshing, and has notes of peach and apricot that would be great for the next Taco Tuesday. "

What's In the Box: 

Everything you need to make a fun charcuterie board: marcona almonds, spicy sardines, quince paste, manchego chips, and sea salt crackers. 

Plus a set of funny wine coasters and a double hinged corkscrew - a must have for Chasity:

“Double-hinged corkscrews are like my jam. And people sometimes are intimidated by this, but it’s super simple to use. Just put it at an angle and use the hinges to take the cork out. But you also don’t have to spend too much money on one of these. I like to just keep them handy because I feel like I’m opening a bottle of wine. I mean, you have people who use the automatic joints too. I just like working for my wine.”  

 Wine Recommendations:

These wines are some of Chasity's favorite Albariños and are available for purchase here.

What To Eat With Albariño Wines:

Albariño is a light to medium-bodied wine so it pairs best with dishes that are equal to it in weight. Albariño is very acidic - acid cuts through fat and oil, so it is a great match with fish like salmon, or fatty meats like pork belly. Its acidity also pairs well with citrus based dishes like ceviche.
Try it with fish tacos, sushi, raw oysters, caprese salad, grilled veggies, and Lemon Chicken.

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