June 2022: Presenting Mr. Rosé

June 2022: Presenting Mr. Rosé

This month's box is curated by Mr. Rosé himself - Mr. Charles Springfield!
As a Certified Sommelier, Author and Wine Educator, he has picked out some delicious snacks and fun accessories for you to enjoy for National Rosé Day on June 11th! 

All About Rosé:

Most rosé fans lean toward a beautiful, pale pink hue that Provençal rosé is typically known for, however, color doesn’t necessarily indicate how a wine will taste. If a rosé isn’t that light pink shade, don’t dismiss it. While a darker rosé might be fuller-bodied than a lighter one, that doesn’t mean it will be sweeter—a common assumption. Likewise, a pale pink rosé isn’t guaranteed to be dry.

Many of the first recorded wines were rosé, made by watering down field blends of combined white and red grapes. Eventually, the Greeks and Romans explored separating grapes by color, and red and (mostly) white wines were born. For quite some time, the general preference was for the less harsh, lighter-colored wines and rosé remained the beverage of choice for centuries.

The majority of rosé wine is produced from red grapes—common ones include Grenache, Syrah, Sangiovese, Pinot Noir, and Cabernet Sauvignon—but you can also produce rosé from white grapes (Chardonnay grapes in sparkling rosés, for example) and “gray” grapes such as Grenache Gris, a pinkish-gray varietal of the Grenache grape, which lends itself nicely to rosé wine.

What's In The Box:

Salmon Rillette Spread
Buttery Mini Toasts
Lush Frosé Mix
Wine Freeze Cooling Cups
"Maneuvering Rosé Wine With Style" by Charles Springfield 

Pink Wine Pairings

Because rosés can be made with a variety of grapes, each with their own flavor profiles, the pairing options are endless! These wines range from dry to sweet to sparkling therefore they can be enjoyed with almost anything. Salads, seafood, BBQ, Thai, Lebanese, desserts - you name it, there's a rosé you can drink with it.

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