September 2021: Keeping It Spicy

September 2021: Keeping It Spicy

September's Pour Pairings box is based off of a grape that ripens late, needs hot and dry growing conditions and makes a HIGH alcohol wine: Garnacha

Known as Garnacha and Garnaxta in Spain, Cannonau in Sardinia and Grenache in France, majority of these grapes in the world come from France and Spain. The wines are made in a variety of colors - blanca/blanc (white), rosé (pink), tinta (red), and can be made into a still or sparkling wine. 

Garnacha Tinta (red wine made from garnacha grapes) is known for its juicy red fruit, leather, pepper, herbal flavors and higher alcohol which makes it perfect for roasted meats, lamb, steaks, stews and casseroles, and even flavorful fish dishes.

The Garnacha grape is also used to make some delicious rosé wines typically full of watermelon, strawberry, citrus and slightly spicy and herbal characteristics. 

Garnacha Blanca/Grenache Blanc offers an array of styles, from light wines with citrus, licorice and floral aromas to more fruit forward versions full of pear, citrus, honeysuckle and occasional toasty notes from oak influence.


 What's In the Box:

  • Mole Uncured Piccolo Salami
  • Cherry Chipotle Cocoa Jam
  • Jcoco Black Fig Pistachio Dark Chocolate Bar
  • WineStiq Sulfite Remover
  • "Stuff Every Wine Snob Should Know" by Melissa Monosoff
  • VacuVin Aerator

     Wine Recommendations:

    breca garnacha

    Breca Old Vines Garnacha 2016

    breca garnacha rose

    Breca Rose 2020



    Pour Pairings to Try At Home:

    • Garnacha typically has a smoky, earthy flavor, so it will pair well with most cheeses. Try this delicious wine with smoked gouda, goat cheese, and sharp cheddar.
    • Tapas are a beautiful pairing such as bread with tomato, cured ham, and anchovies go perfectly with a Rosé Garnacha. 
    • Garnacha Blanca goes great with shellfish and and salads. Try a bottle with this scallop risotto recipe. 

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